The city-service mobility mesh: prospectus

I intend to explore the following opportunity – hypothesis: Develop a bespoke Uber-like mobility mesh (transportation, services) for disadvantaged populations in cities, with proprietary data – addressing the challenge of how cities can implement Uber-like services and move toward collective mobility for those in need. Theory of change: Transit systems are broken – and infrastructure lags […]

Open data: finding excellence in Chicago

Open data has formed a critical piece of a city’s architecture – as vital as any other public service – and has empowered individuals and organizations to uncover insights that stimulate institutional change. Through work with groups like 596 Acres, which leverages public data to identify available land seized by the city and employs disadvantaged […]

On enterprise security measures

Lastpass provides a significant opportunity to secure network servers and particularly in the case of an entity dealing with significant security concerns and multiple platforms – governments, NGOs, international development organizations – it is a stopgap measure for the proliferation of the umpteen passwords that have now become such a burden that they limit productivity […]